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When you’re looking for a way to sell your house fast here in Chicago. It would be wise to use a company located here in Chicago, not in some other state. If your house is in need of repairs and you have come to find out that the only way to get rid of the stress of owning that house is getting a fast house sale might be a good idea. Any property that is sitting unoccupied and in disrepair can very easily become problems for the homeowner. Property taxes, water bills, insurance and violations from the city are always a problem here in Chicago. If the the home is vacant and unable to be rented out the cost of repairs to make it ready for sale might not be an option. Realtors don’t want to deal with these type of properties and don’t have the time needed to get the house sold because it’s a hassle, even banks don’t want to finance them either

This is were selling to an investment company like us with years of experience becomes important. We don’t mind violations and less than desirable conditions.

We’re not agents. We are fast house buyers and have our own cash… so we can make you the best cash offer on the spot. Once we make you a fast cash offer to buy your home you can take that offer, shop it around, talk it over and think about it.  No worries and no pressure here!

By calling us we can help you get your house sold in a few days. With no commission paid to a real estate agent,  no scheduling showings, no more repairs to the house because we buy homes fast and in “as-is” condition.

Straight talk, fair offer and a fast closing usually in 7 days or less is what you can expect with our Sell my house fast Chicago program.

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